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About Super-size Object scan

Super size object scan could be considered as a project,  we need the time, labor, tools, high equipment such as computer workstations, photogrammetry, external battery, and the 3d scanner, some of the clients think it's not valuable to invest a good scanner intend for a certain project unless the margin is predictably high, so rent also is a choice. To make things more easier, the key to scan super size object is the FOV, if we could make the FOV suitable for the targets, scan become more flently and efficiently, during our past experience, if the size exceed 200cm and clients also require good volume accuracy within 1mm, we suggest the scanner + photogrammetry bundle, since photogrammetry need complex calibration and the quote is higher, our secondary suggestion is the laser 3D scanner but the cost also can't sharp decrease,  only the DLP 3d scanner could make it as enconomic as efficent, within this scope, Thunk3D Fisher W and Thunk3D Fisher X could totally meet your require, this type of model support inputting three coordinates files or generate cube points structure by itself, and fulfill the unfinished parts within frame,  thus enable the scanning more complete and accurate. 

full car 3D scanning - Thunk3D Fisher W and Thunk3D Fisher X
3D laser scanner for large object - Thunk3D Fisher W and Thunk3D Fisher X
Huge horse statue 3D scanning - Thunk3D Fisher W and Thunk3D Fisher X
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