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Thunk3D Archer - the only 3D laser scanner with full colour capture.jpg


released in 2009


more stable

What is Thunk3D Archer

archer 3D laser scanner - outline drawing.jpg

Released in 2019

own total IP

phase shift structured light technology - Archer 3D Laser Scanner from Thunk3D.jpg
Archer from Thunk3D with rgb full colour sensor
Archer - Thunk3D - high resolution with 15FPS and full colour capturing
Archer 3D Scanner with full colour capturing in high resolution up to 0.12mm

Thunk3D Archer use DLP striple light technology and intergrate Tax-Instrument lastest chip, realized 1280*1080 scan resolution, which has tremendous advantage in phase shift image merging.

After hundreds times of R&D with compatible camera and lens, Thunk3D Archer now could generate very stable and sharp frame in 0.04mm accuracy, it provides the solid data for alignment. It even capture the image in full colour spectrum!

Thunk3D Archer's software has both feature and mark alignment, also support hybrid align, could scan different size and shapes targets in high resolution.

Want to know more? Please download 


full color


RGB sensor

Phase shift


​structured light

high resolution


up to 0.12mm


30,000,000 dots/S

scanning speed

For more

handheld mode of archer 3D laser scanner demo.png

Archer S could scan small sized targets directly, no need tripod or add-ons, totally saved the time to re-install and re-calibrate.

How it useful when scanning deep groove models like shoes/complex holes/denture/impressions.

Demo of Archer 3D laser scanner on computer mouse

Archer seriers Specifications

pcb board checking for archer 3d laser scanner from Thunk3D.jpg


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