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FSB 3D laser scanner from Thunk3D with DLP technology.jpg
exclusive 3D scanner with DLP technology from Thunk3D

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handy and handheld mode of DLP enabled 3D laser scanner from Thunk3D.png

Thunk3D Fisher handheld scanner could scan small-sized targets directly, no need for any support with the tripod or add-ons, totally saved the time to re-install and re-calibrate.

It is useful when scanning deep groove models like shoes/complex holes/dentures/impressions.

2 FOV.jpg
Archer banner with DLP technology from Thunk3D.jpg

  Thunk3D Fisher Series Specifications

archer line - fisher series - DLP technology.jpg


released in 2017


more stable

15 PFS for high resolution scanning image - Thunk3D.jpg


30,000,000 dots/S

scanning speed

fisher S 3d laser scanner with phase shift.jpg
0.12mm precision for high resolution image - Fisher S 3D laser scanner

high resolution


up to 0.12mm

Phase shift


​structured light

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